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    8 Christian Rap Albums That Turned 30 Years Old In 2020

    Christian rap began around the same time that mainstream hip-hop started making waves, yet it’s sometimes difficult to trace the timeline back to the pioneers of the genre. 1990 was a monumental year for a few legendary Christian hip-hop artists. It’s crazy to think that all of this happened 30 years ago. D-Boy – The Lyrical Strength Of One Street ...
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    7 Christian Hip Hop Albums that turn 30 in 2019

    Christian Hip Hop was starting to appear just a few years after hip hop was even created. The first known artist was Pete McSweet. However, the guy who took the mantle was a DJ and drummer named Stephen Wiley who would introduce the world to “Bible Break.” Wiley carried that mantle for a few years as others such as P.I.D., ...
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    7 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 25 This Year

    Christian Rap has had a long history. We look at seven albums that turn 25 this year from Gospel Gangstaz, S.F.C., and more 25 years ago the year was 1994. The new Lion King movie would make “The circle of life” a staple in every Disney themed road trip, depending on what system you had – you were playing Super ...
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    Christian Hip Hop Pioneer Reacts To Lecrae’s #1

    Chris Cooper is the founding member of the legendary Hip Hop group SFC, which stands for Soldiers For Christ. Although, he has gone by several different stage names over the years, most of them are simply a variation of Super C. However, he is most often referred to as Sup, which is pronounced Soup.
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    Flashback Friday: Gospel Gangstaz – One Time

    “One Time” Gospel Gangstaz Gang Affiliated 1994 Myx Records Recently we highlighted S.F.C. and their brand-launching powers with a song that featured the then unknown group, “Alliance Of Light”. Later this group became known as the Original Gospel Gangstas… The O double Gs… Gospel Gangstaz… and what have you. The short and sweet version (really all Flashback Friday’s are short ...
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    Flashback Friday: S.F.C. – Kill The Spirit ft. Alliance of Light (Gospel Gangstaz)

    It’s impossible to consider Christian Hip Hop history without Chris Cooper A.K.A. Sup, A.K.A. Super C, A.K.A. Soup The Chemist. His “group” was S.F.C., which stood for Soldiers For Christ. During this era there wasn’t even a path yet for guys like Lecrae to walk down. So, it took guys like Chris Cooper to tie a bandana around his head ...
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    Q&A: What Are The Top 5 Christian Hip Hop Albums Ever?

    A common question, but sometimes so difficult to answer, it goes unanswered. 'What are the top 5 Christian Hip Hop albums ever? We spent a great deal of time gathering the answers from some of your favorite folks in Christian Hip Hop! A few added a disclaimer to their answer that they are ...
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    It’s All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards Weekend!

    In 2008, the event formerly known as the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards will be billed as the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. And instead of a strictly state-wide scope, this year's festivities will now encompass and honor artists from all across the United States who have and continue to blaze trails within inspirational hip ...