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    Interview with Rawsrvnt on the Ultimate Merger reality TV show

    Rawsrvnt (Eddy Puyol) is starring on a new reality TV show, Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger. The show, featuring 90's platinum R&B artist Al B. Sure!, Akon's protégé the up-and-coming Ray Lavender, and Rawsrvnt, is about twelve bachelors looking to win the heart of Omarosa as she searches for her soul-mate. The show is scheduled ...
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    TOP 10 Artists on Google


    Did you ever wonder which HHH artist is the most popular searched on Google? This TOP 10 selection isn't the real list since it's only searches that came to Rapzilla. But it gives you an idea of the popular Artists searches on Google (and Yahoo, MSN, others). Enjoy