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    Album Listening Session: Justword ‘Light Generation’

    Buy on Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Dawn 2. The Dilemma (Feat. Martin Luther King Jr.) 3. Antidote 4. Expiration 5. Picture That 6. S.S.D.D. -Scriptures 7. Vile (Feat. Bondservant) 8. Made Low 9. Fresho 10. Hyphen (Feat. Ajay, Bondservant, Steve Ross) 11. Emotion (Feat. Bondservant) 12. Light Generation 13. Hollywood (Feat. Bondservant) 14. Yeah Yeah 15. Adam’s Family (Feat. Bondservant) 16. ...
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    They’re Rapper’s, Not Pastors!

    I think there is something that rappers, fans, pastors and everyone else needs to keep in focus when they listen to CD’s, book concerts, write songs and everything else pertaining to Christian hip-hop: THEY’RE RAPPER’S, NOT PASTORS!
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    From Milk to Meat


    Let’s “chop it up.” Let’s put a weighty matter on the table and dissect it until we can digest it, digest it until we possess it, and possess it so that we reflect it. Who talks like this; who welcomes this kind of thinking or this kind of activity? Paul said that “the mature do,” they embrace the idea of ...