• Saint CJ

    Saint CJ – Triumph ft. R-Scar & JL Poleon

    Released on Good Friday, “Triumph” by Saint CJ is an uplifting R&B & Trap anthem celebrating victory in each and every aspect of life. Merging UK urban youth culture with Contemporary Gospel, “Triumph” is a track that everyone can get excited listening to! Lyrically, it touches on both personal victories and Jesus’ triumph in His life, death, and resurrection. Whilst ...
  • Saint CJ

    Saint CJ – Hood Prophet music video

    “Hood Prophet” by Saint CJ is a song and persona. It represents being the voice of hope and light in the midst of the ends and the blocks (The Hood) and a Beacon of light in the darkness. In the hood, names are referred to as tags and they represent what a person is about whether that be selling illegal goods, handling ...