• Paul Hernandez

    Rapzilla Freshman Paul Hernandez Regains Artistic Drive

    Two months ago, Christian Hip-Hop artist Paul Hernandez released a single called “Time Flies.” While Hernandez has only released an EP and five singles in the last two years, the artist has a history with CHH. In 2012, Rapzilla.com gave Hernandez the title of Rapzilla Freshmen. If you look, however, his name isn’t there on the list. Don’t worry, Rapzilla ...
  • S.O.

    S.O. – Be Mine

    Rapper S.O. dropped a Valentine’s Day single called “Be Mine.” “[It’s a] song about love, thanking God that I found my wife and asking her to spend the rest of her life with me,” said S.O. “Our road was not a smooth one. And maybe one day soon the gaps will be filled, until then enjoy me asking her to allow ...
  • S.O.

    S.O. – London Nights

    S.O. dropped his single “London Nights.” It features production from his longtime friend and collaborator, G.P. The song is a personal reflection on the city of London. S.O. recently visited the city after being away for some time. He said, “After being away from London for a while, this was one of the songs GP and I made while I visited. I ...
  • Ruce

    Ruce – Audience Of One Remix ft. S.O. & Je’kob

    Ruce (formerly Kevin Ross) released a new EP last month. This is the remix of the title track from that project. “The song is about forgetting what people think and working towards pleasing God, although we are saved by Grace through faith and it is not of our own doing, we should aim to do things for the Glory of ...
  • Paul Hernandez

    Paul Hernandez – Vow ft. S.O.

    Paul Hernandez dropped his new single “Vow” featuring S.O. as a free download. “This is one of the most sentimental songs I’ve written on relationships,” he explained. “I experienced a traumatic couple years in my marriage that flipped my faith and world, and through that period of time, I birthed the inspiration for this record. Many people were looking down on me because ...
  • S.O.

    S.O.: When a Hip-Hopper Stops Church Hopping

    S.O.: A lot of artists will tell you this: they go to church, but they don’t go to church often. How can you? That’s the real question. How can you go to church every Sunday when you’re traveling? How can you do that? Rapzilla.com: How have you addressed that problem? S.O.: When I’m here, I’m here — intentionally. That’s the ...
  • Limoblaze

    Limoblaze – Another Man ft. S.O. and Echow Clay

    Limoblaze has some heat with “Another man” featuring S.O. and Echow Clay. The release of this single comes after winning the award for Afro Hip-hop artist of the year at the African Gospel music awards. The song “Another Man” has Limoblaze and both featured artists talking about how satisfying the love of Christ is and how no one but God is ...
  • Bizzle Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago

    Bizzle on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 103

    Bizzle is our featured guest on this episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – our 2 hour syndicated radio show and podcast. We talk to Bizzle about his new project Light Work, and more! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or SoundCloud below. Listen to Bizzle on this episode Flame – Energy DJ Mykael V – No Time ft. ...
  • S.O.

    S.O. – Talk in Code

    S.O. followed up his April single “PREACH” with his Afropop track “Talk in Code.” The song was produced by GP. “Talk in Code” is S.O.’s second Afropop song since 2017’s release of “What’s Your Name?” It had over half a million streams on Spotify and was played on the radio all over the world. “’Talk in Code’ is for my ...
  • Dru Bex on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago

    Dru Bex on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 101

    This week Toronto and Role Model Records artist Dru Bex is our guest on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.  Episode 101 Tracklist ft. Dru Bex Interview Andy Mineo – I Ain’t Done Ty Brasel – The Game Joey Vantes – Loose Change Remix ft. KB WHATUPRG – Glow nobigdyl. – ...