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    Ruslan of theBreax drops Free Mixtape with DJ Rek

    Ruslan (of theBreax) and DJ Rek released a mixtape called “Right Out Loud” available for free download. Includes a “Show off” (of Entermission) Remix feat. Beleaf Melanin, Mikel Anthony, Lecrae, and Flame. Download here
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    When theBREAX Sold Out… April 1st


    In an era where music sales are at an all time low and internet piracy runs rampant, many artists feel the pressure to create a hit ringtone or secure a corporate endorsement to be perceived as commercially successful. So due to inflation, staggering record sales, the economy, global warming, rising gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the current election ...

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    Release Dates

    Christian Hip-Hop Album Release Dates 2018 October 2018: 10/5/18 – Parris Chariz –  In My Weakness (Album)  10/5/18 – Wordsplayed & Weathrman – LFL2 (EP) 10/5/18 – Gerry Skrillz – Hundred Proof (EP) 10/10/18 – Paul Russel & Ruslan – Via Text (Album) 10/12/18 – Fedel – Brave 3 (EP) 10/19/18 – Gawvi – PANORAMA (Album) 10/19/18 Christian Gray – ...