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    Rapzilla.com Premiering Christon Gray’s New Music Video “Perfect” ft. KamB.I.N.O.

    above: KamB.I.N.O. makes an appearance and drops a verse for the new Christon Gray video.

    Collision Records as part of the WLAK (We Live As Kings) culture presents "Perfect". "Perfect" is about acceptance, security, protection and beauty found in the way you are created, not in the way culture thinks you should be. Truth is, ...
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    Role Model Records Kicks Off The New Year With Two Free Projects

    Role Model Records kicks off the New Year with two free projects; the follow- up to Spoken's highly successful, Up By 13 Mixtape, "UP BY 13 Vol.2" hosted by RMR's own DJ Lagit and “FORCED ENTRY”, the EP, by newly signed artist, Julien.

    The first instalment of
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    Holy culture has found a home in Canada

    With all eyes on Canada for the next big musical sensation, a young entrepreneur, Sola Ogunbitan, has just the right answer, Role Model Records (RMR). Sola Ogunbita, CEO and co-founder of Role Model Records (RMR), announces the launch of this urban record label featuring artists that fuse Gospel with hip hop, R&B, contemporary and neo-African music. Along with ...
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    Jesus is my Hype-Man

    John 13:1-17

    I’ve never liked the bumper sticker, “God is my co-pilot.” To me, it has always suggested that God is next to me as a backup plan and a helper in case of emergency, but that He’s not exactly steering my plane. Granted, we have free will as humans, but ...
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    shai linne Leaks 3 songs to Rapzilla

    Are you aware of the most spectacular play ever produced? It's a phenomenon greater than anything Broadway has ever seen. The Star is the most famous Person in the history of the world—and you've been cast in the play as well. Find out your role on 11/18/08.

    Lampmode Recordings presents Storiez, the long-anticipated ...