• 1k phew

    1K Phew on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 125

    Reach Records artist 1K Phew is our featured guest on this episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – our 2 hour syndicated radio show and podcast. He talks about his new album, What’s Understood.  WHATUPRG – Rosegold Byron Juane – Elevate Ft. Jon Keith Rockstar JT – Drip Bayless Ft. Aha Gazelle & Parris Chariz Rhomar Jessy – ME & U ...
  • Christian rap

    12 Christian Rap Projects to Look Forward to in 2019

    A majority of the US may still be suffering from a polar vortex but for Christian rap, things are just starting to warm up. January concluded with major album drops from Eric Heron, J. Crum, Jerry Manna, and Steven Malcolm, while CJ King and Young C both released stellar projects at the top of this month.  Note: The titles are ...
  • Rockstar Jt

    Rockstar Jt – Drip Bayless ft. Parris Chariz & Aha Gazelle

    Alabama native Rockstar Jt dropped “Drip Bayless” featuring Parris Chariz & Aha Gazelle. The song is named after sports entertainer Skip Bayless. His motto is, “Maybe not what you want to hear, but need to hear.” These artists came together and made a banger talking about how far they came in their careers. Jt believes sometimes you have to be ...
  • 1

    Top 25 Christian Hip-Hop Songs of 2018 on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago

    We’re counting down the Top 25 Christian Hip-Hop songs of 2018 on this week’s episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago! 25. (Interview Clip) Rockstar JT – Get Your Weight Up Ft. Big Yae 24. (Interview Clip) Beacon Light – Catch My Vibe 23. (Interview Clip) OB – Day 1’s Ft. Dillon Chase 22. (Interview Clip) WHATUPRG – Rose Gold ...
  • downloads

    Top Free Downloads of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

    As we continue to compile our end of the year “MOST read, listened, watched, and downloaded” lists, we arrive at the free downloads. These are the tracks that brought a flood of traffic to the site and you guys bumped heavy. 1. Rockstar Jt – Streets Signed Me 2. Young Noah – C’est La Vie  3. Nerva – Greater is ...
  • Rockstar Jt

    Music Premiere: Rockstar Jt – The Block Is Hot ft. Kid Tris

    A Rapzilla.com premiere, 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen Rockstar Jt releases his first single since his mixtape Streets Signed Me. It was released in February of 2018. Jt released “Subway” in September but decided to take it off of all platforms because of some of the lyrics in the song. “God wasn’t pleased,” Jt said. After the hard decision Jt decided to reconstruct his ...
  • Rockstar Jt

    Rockstar Jt Doesn’t Let CHH’s Unwritten Rules Stop His message

    Last week, we talked about Rockstar Jt and his tendency to always keep it real. In this installment, Jt talks about his music, his sudden jump in popularity, and becoming a Rapzilla Freshman. The rapper started to create a buzz with his 2016 track “Moving Weight.” Unfortunately, this spark was extinguished with the death of his grandmother.  “I was ...
  • Rockstar Jt

    Rockstar Jt Earns His Validation From God and the Streets

    Let’s talk about being real for a second. In an industry filled with the facade of show business, lifestyle, holiness, and ministry, Rockstar Jt isn’t here for any of it. What you see is what you get, and he’ll tell you to your face. That intro may have you feeling a certain way about Jt, but don’t get it twisted, ...
  • PrimeTime CT

    PrimeTime CT – Shoot ft. Rockstar Jt

    The new single by PrimeTime CT called “Shoot” which features Rockstar Jt. It is mixed/mastered by CLVSSIC. “‘Shoot’ is about shooting your shot. Never hesitate. There will be opportunities for you to thrive in life, don’t miss them. When you see a door, knock. When you see the shot, take it.” Listen to PrimeTime CT Below:  Purchase here.
  • Christian Hip-Hop

    Christian Hip-Hop’s Next Generation: 15 Artists 20 and Under

    Christian Hip-Hop is a very exciting genre of music now. The top tier guys are reaching more spaces than ever before, the middle tier is creating some of the best music possible, and the up and comers are paving the way for the new trends and learning from everyone before them. This following list of artists is different from our ...