• Byron Juane

    Different is Good: Why ‘Promise I’m Not Crazy’ by Byron Juane is Needed

    After listening to Promise I’m Not Crazy EP by Byron Juane several times in a couple of different settings, I think the EP deserves more attention. Of course, this release was highly overshadowed by KB’s His Glory Alone. However, on a different weekend, Byron’s project would be highlighted by a bigger crowd. Let’s Break it Down While not every track has high replay ...
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    Tonex Unspoken on frontpage of Myspace

    Tonex, award-winning RnB and gospel singe, newest album "Unspoken" coming out next tuesday (3/17) is having a listening party on Myspace and featured on the frontpage. You can listen to an exclusive Rapzilla leak or the entire album now on his myspace. You can pre-order the album at Qualityjunk.com.