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    Review – Alex Faith ‘ATLast’

    Rapzilla Staff Rating: Average User Rating: {mainvote} ATLast is Collision Record’s self-proclaimed best album to date – a bold statement considering the label’s prolific output as of late. And yet, I tend to agree. In the past two years, we have had Swoope’s “Wake Up”, Dre Murray’s “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day”, W.L.A.K., not to mention a plethora of phenomenal ...
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    Alex Faith ‘ATLast’ Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

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    Although a relatively new name breaking into the CHH music scene, Alex Faith is anything but new to the industry. Since his first coming out on Sho Baraka's "Barakaology" mixtape, to his contributions in the iTunes and Billboards chart-topping album, W.L.A.K., Alex Faith has been long anticipated ...