• Christian Rap

    Christian Rap and it’s National & Global Impact on the Mainstream

    The Christian rap scene has been in existence for a few decades and making waves regardless of the limited support it receives outside of Christian spheres. In spite of this, CHH acts have continuously strived to ensure they go against the odds and make their music transcend circles. This can be attributed to the hard work and passion many of ...
  • Christian rap

    Bizzle, Andy Mineo, & More – Top Christian Rap News Recap 5/13/19

    Welcome to the second episode of Rapzilla.com’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Monday. Kicking the show off, we tackle Bizzle’s response to the Joyner Lucas song “Devil’s Work.” The response sparked some debate on whether it was necessary or not. Read more here. ...
  • Ray Emmanuel

    Ray Emmanuel – Before I’m Gone…

    Ray Emmanuel, a 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen, is back with some heat. “Before I’m Gone…” is a sign of what’s to come for the 14-year-old rapper. He also produced the beat himself. He weaves effortlessly between his personal goals for the future and what he wants for the world; love and positivity. “Before I’m Gone…” is part tribute to the late ...
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    Rapzilla.com’s 15 Freshmen of 2019

    We’re excited to announce the 8th annual Rapzilla.com Freshmen class! The Rapzilla.com staff looked at around 30 new artists on the radar for our Rapzilla.com Freshmen Class of 2019. We narrowed down the list to the 15 artists that we think are going to lead the way. Our opinion is subjective of course, however, the one criteria that these artists ...
  • 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Nominees

    Readers’ Choice: 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Class Ballot (Vote Now)

    Hello Rapzilla Readers and Artists, it is time. Christmas is over, the New Year is imminent, and the Rapzilla Freshmen for 2019 will be named! Every year we make a list of around 50 candidates and whittle it down to 40, 30, 20, and finally 15. It’s never easy. Sometimes we miss people. Sometimes an artist we pick fizzles out, but ...