• Christian Rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [October 9 2020] (Listen Here)

    There is a slew of Christian rap songs that dropped today. In an effort to get to as many as we can, here’s a post with a bunch! Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. Nu Tone ft. Thi’sl & Scribe Music Click here to Stream/Buy this song on any platform Brenno, Teejay, Xay Hill ...
  • Miles Minnick

    Raw-B & Miles Minnick – Doing My Thing music video

    Raw-B & Miles Minnick dropped their joint music video for “Doing My Thing.” “This song is to encourage people to be themselves and do their thing! Dance, praise, sing along with this track, and just let loose. Don’t care who is watching just be free and do you! God encourages this!” said Raw-B. Watch Raw-B and Miles Minnick Below:
  • Connor Pierson

    Connor Pierson – Still Waters ft. RAW-B

    Connor Pierson released a dope track called “Still Waters” featuring RAW-B. Let us know what you think in the comments. Listen to Connor Pierson Below:  Rapzilla · Connor Pierson – Still Waters ft. RAW-B
  • Raw-B

    RAW-B – This My Year

    RAW-B dropped “This My Year” the music video and rededicated his song. “This My Year is no longer about me but about my black brothers and sisters rising up against racism and injustice. This is YOUR YEAR. I will continue to stand with you, and fight for you. I love you. #BlackLivesMatter,” said the rapper. Watch Raw-B Below:
  • Brenno

    Brenno – Ice Cold ft. RAW-B

    Brenno dropped his new track “Ice Cold” featuring RAW-B. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Listen to Brenno Below: Rapzilla · Brenno – Ice Cold ft. RAW-B Buy here.
  • RAW - B

    RAW – B – Goodnight ft. Litty Benji

    From RAW – B: “Christian Hip-Hop in the Pacific Northwest is not thriving at the moment. Both Portland, OR and Seattle WA is in need of a revival. We are the most unchurched region in the United States. I wrote this song as a wake-up call to our music scene and community of believers. You can’t sleep on us anymore.” ...
  • Raw-B

    RAW-B – 19 in the Bag Freestyle

    Raw-B is keeping his mind sharp with a new freestyle after a little absence. Grab a free download of the track now. Listen to Raw-B Below:
  • Xay Hill and Raw-B

    Xay Hill and Raw-B – Ink

    Xay Hill and Raw-B have dropped a collab EP titled Ink. It is produced by Parker Morris. “This joint EP talks about how we tend to cover our battle wounds and scars from things in our lives and know we are pulling the ink back to show how God still loved us and used us through all our imperfections!” Listen ...
  • 8

    RAW – B – Ain’t Been The Same

    RAW – B released a new single on Friday called “Ain’t Been The Same.” “Last year I had to fight for my life. Although it was the hardest year I’ve ever faced, it was the largest victory. God met me in my brokenness, in my the most ugliest time, and gave me a true-new identity. I wrote this song about ...
  • RAW - B

    RAW – B – 3am ft. A-97

    Upcoming artist RAW – B released a new single, “3am” featuring A-97. “Last month I stayed up all night for 3 consecutive Thursdays in a row. I was struggling to sleep and couldn’t get my self to rest. I was worrying about everything. It was so frustrating and but in the midst of being awake I was being as productive as possible. ...