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    15 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 10 Years Old in 2020

    Christian Rap has come a long way since 2010. During that year, Derek Minor was still Pro, DJ Official was alive and well with Reach Records, and the Unashamed Movement was blossoming. While 2010 was a relatively quiet year for releases, there were a few notable ones. DJ Official – Entermission This is the only album the deceased DJ released. ...
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    What’s in a Name? Christian Rap Artists Who Underwent a Rebrand

    I was riding in a car with my former youth pastor a little under a decade ago. A song came on the radio – noticeably Lecrae. As the chorus began to play, I began to think, “Wow, this sounds just like Andy Mineo.” I looked a the back of the CD case (yeah…dinosaur-era stuff). The song was “Background” by Lecrae ...
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    20 Christian Hip-Hop Albums that Turn 10 This Year

    Time flies, especially in the music world, and if you could believe it, 2008 was 10 years ago! You know what else happened 10 years ago? The following 20 Christian Hip-Hop Albums on this list were released. 2008 was a great year for Christian Hip-Hop. In fact, so much was released that we were able to put together a top ...