• Christian Rap

    Top 10 Albums Released in 2021 so Far (January & February)

    I thought I’d take some time to point you towards the best albums released in the first two months of 2021. I’m constantly listening to Christian rap because I’m a fan, and I also want to continue to be knowledgeable and impacted by the culture. Here’s a list of projects that have impacted me in no specific order, along with ...
  • Prisims

    Streetlights, Alert312, Humble Beast Begin New Music Venture

    Streetlights Bible, Alert312, and Humble Beast have come together to produce a musical and scriptural experience unlike any other. Part music, part audiobook, part live performance, part podcast, “Prisims” is a uniquely immersive experience. Streetlights is a ministry meant to intentionally engage urban culture globally with the Gospel in a way that stands alone among audio Bible recordings. Scripture is ...