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    Google Music: Artist Hub

    Whether you’re on a label or the do-it-yourself variety, artists are at the heart of Google Music. With the Google Music artist hub, any artist who
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    Strght & Nrrw Clothing Opening Store Front In FL

    Clothing line Strght & Nrrw posted a picture on Twitter of what looks like the beginning stages of an awesome boutique retail store front, located in
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    Lecrae ‘REHAB: Deluxe Edition’ [update]

    A few months ago we posted about a rumor that Lecrae would be releasing a special edition of the 'Rehab' series. Lecrae has confirmed this rumor via Twitter, and has released some
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    StefanOtto ‘Love Means War’

    We recently posted an interview with StefanOtto click here to read.
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    Jin Answers “from Battle Rapper to Christian Rapper?!”

    A couple weeks ago we posted a new song from Jin entitled "Welcome to the Light Club..." People started asking questions and it even caught the attention on some secular sites. Yesterday, Jin posted a new video answering all of this and sharing his testimony. Paise God!

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    Rhema Soul’s Dumb Dance

    There's a new single from Good City Music artist, Rhema Soul. They have released a new Summer Jam for a free download at their official website, www.rhemasoul.com, you can listen to it here.

    The song, Dumb Dance, comes off the heels of their recent release, Blow Your Whistle. "We just wanted to ...
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    “The Gospel according to X” – DMX

    Flickr / Extra Medium

    DMX, the hip hop artist, who is currently serving prison time is still planning on becoming a Pastor when he gets out. "(Jail) has gotten me closer.. to realizing, to actualizing my true calling in life, which is to be a pastor," DMX told Fox News.
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    Trip Lee Lost & Found

    Numerous videos from Lecrae have been posted reporting that Trip Lee was missing, it was viral marketing for a big announcement but what? Well the time has come and Lecrae has reported that he has found Trip Lee in Atlanta! Trip Lee was shooting a video for “Real Vision” off his album “20/20”. “The video is incredible and will be ...
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    Soul P + Todd Collins = Beatmart Resurrection?

    Last week we posted about Todd Collins saying to be on the lookout in 2009 for Beatmart. Which sparked the question, is Beatmart back (read article)?

    Soul P (former artist on Beatmart) just uploaded a video update about him being in the recording studio in Nashville with Todd Collins. Could this be what ...
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    DJ Rhino New “Wanted” Mixtape

    DJ Rhino releases his long awaited follow up to "It's Time" with "Wanted" on 11/11/08. This mixtape is packed with 35 bangin' tracks including exclusives and remixes! Artists include Sean Slaughter, Corey Red, Tonex, Applejaxx, Braille, Afaar, Theory Hazit, J.Kwest, Poems, Surreal, YSG Timothy, Cash Hollistah, ManChild, and many more!