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    Temperamento “Ready Pa La Batalla” ft. Xahtis, Asombroso & Yitziel

    Produced By William J. Cruz LYRICS (English): [XAHTIS] I’m ready for battle My mind doesn’t explode Homey don’t get it twisted Don’t let sins be the reason you loose focus [ASOMBROSO] I’m a warrior but my weapons are unconventional They’re words that are capable of opening your mind A duel between good and evil And we’re undefeated, because in my ...
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    Jake Lynn “Krazy Praize”

    Lyrics Hook Everybody on the left Give Him krazy praize 2x Everybody on the right Give Him krazy praize 2x Together both sides Give Him Krazy Praize 2x Give that Krazy Praize to Christ Give Him Krazy Praize 2x Who’s unashamed? 4x Go Loco!!!! 4x Verse 1 I’m unashamed So I give Him Krazy Praize Runnin’ all over the place ...