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    Rep Da King Mag Press Release

    The Rep Da King Mag is a quarterly magazine launched in the Summer of 2013. Each edition of our mag will bring you all of the latest and greatest within Christian Hip Hop as we bring more exposure to the genre.
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    S.O.G. Crew’s Robert Ornelas running for Lt. Governor of California

    Have the Democratic and Republican Parties become irrelevant? That╩╝s what the gubernatorial team of Robert Newman and Robert Ornelas claims, and it seems that at least some Californians are listening. Robert Newman will be a candidate for California╩╝s governor in 2014. His running mate, Robert Ornelas, is running for Lt. Governor.
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    Rob Hodge Launches New Genre of Music

      Rob Hodge has officially launched a new genre of music in the industry called "LIFE MUSIC." Life music is a branch that stems from the roots of gospel music.The artist that’s involved in Life Music are born again believers in the same vein as christian or gospel music. Some of the art forms in the Life Music genre are Hip Hop, ...