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    Flavor Fest 2008 Pics, Set 1

    You can now view the first set exclusively on Rapzilla’s facebook profile, add us as your friend to view the photos! Pictures of Urban D, Tedashii, Syntax, Reach, Mars ill, Odd Thomas, Sev Statik, DJ Morph, Mark J, and others. Pictures will be added daily. First interviews to be added to the Rapzilla Video Podcast (subscribe via iTunes) this week!
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    Catch Syntax Records in the New Film Definitely, Maybe

    Syntax Records hit the big screen recently with Universal Pictures' romantic comedy Definitely Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). The film features two songs from Syntax's own Night Owls vol. 1: Nocturnal Doctrine and Fashion Expo: Round1: TruHipHop. Listen close to get an earful from these albums during selected scenes.
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    T-Bone gets a Grammy Nomination

    T-Bone received a GRAMMY Award nomination yesterday in the category of Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album for his Sept. 2005 release, Bone-A-Fide. This is his second career nomination in the category.