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    Viktory’s Music Video in the Making

      On April 4th and 5th on Chicago's South Side, Viktory, accompanied by Joel Kapity of Dreams on Screen Productions began a 2 day, 30+ hour video shoot for the new single entitled "On Fire", from the new album Son of the King, to be released mid-year. Viktory is working on a new album which you can expect to release this year ...
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    Mets Marlon Anderson listens to Christian Hip Hop

    Photo by: Jol Padgett Marlon Anderson of the New York Mets had an interview with RecordOnline.com Times Herald-Record. In the interview he was asked what music he listens to and his answer was: “Christian hip-hop, by artists that no one in this room has ever heard of.” Click here to read the article
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    The Sin of Sampling

    Photo by: s8

    On December 17th, 1991, Judge Kevin Thomas of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an injunction against Warner Bros. Records that changed the direction of Hip Hop music forever. The case was, of course, over sampling ...