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    Rick Warren, Lecrae, Jopp, and Us

    Last night I had dinner with some friends and some people I just met, and they introduced me to a wonderful new game. It’s called the phone game. Its actually quite simple. Everyone takes out his/her phone and places it on the table. The first person who touches their phone loses and has to pay for ...
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    D-MAUB’s CrazyTones

    One Route Entertainment artist, D-Maub, has done something that we believe has never been done before. He has put together a full ringtone album entitled "Crazy Tones"! 10 tracks that will make other people put their phones on silent!
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    Major Labels and Retailers embrace a New Physical Format: slotMusic

    *This is a big deal.* Its the first time the major labels and retailers have unanimously embraced a new physical format in over 25 years. These cards play in 70 million phones in the US and a billion devices worldwide. Imagine if there were that many CD players in 1982.

    The press release:The world’s four largest ...