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    Andy Mineo Announced as Speaker & Performer at Legacy Conference 2013

    Legacy & Rapzilla.com are excited to announce that Reach Record's artist Andy Mineo will be speaking and performing at next year's Legacy Conference 2013!

    We are very excited about having Andy with us again as he is a dynamic performer and a dedicated disciple of Christ.
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    KJ-52 ‘Dangerous’ Tracklisting Revealed

    Leaving behind all inhibition, KJ-52 is charging back into the scene with his anticipated new release, Dangerous. Picking up where his Dove Award-winning “Five-Two Television” (2010 Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year) left off, Jonah Sorrentino is back and bold as ever with his passionate call to be Dangerous. Having overcome many obstacles in his career with over 550,000 albums ...
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    In the Press: Cash Hollistah hip-hops for a higher calling

    Hollistah, whose real name is James Curtis, is a Salina native who has spent the last several years building a music career by mixing the beat of street-smart urban rap with spiritually uplifting Christian rock. He has released one CD, "So Far," and is in the process of completing a new CD, "Got Cash." Now he's hoping to get cash ...