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    Hazakim to drop “Theophanies”

    Hazakim will release on June 23rd their sophomore album "Theophanies" with Lamp Mode recordings. Focused on showing Yeshua (Jesus) as the fulfillment of the Messiah, this dynamic duo uses the Jewish Scriptures to prove their point! Infused with traditional Jewish elements, Theophanies brings the Christian faith to the roots of it's Jewishness.
  • shai linne

    shai linne to Release “Storiez”


    shai linne, known as “the lowercase emcee”, has created quite a buzz in the hip-hop world through extensive touring, solid releases, guest appearances and a steady buzz over the internet. Featured on albums such as Ambassador’s The Thesis, Flame’s Rewind and Our World Redeemed, Trip Lee’s 20/20 and Reach Records 13 Letters Compilation, shai has become known for creating a ...