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    Paper.Beats.Rock – Boy Meets World

    "Boy Meets World" is the first video release from Paper.Beats.Rock. Taken from their debut EP Steady, the song is the story of a kid's struggle to find the antidote in a poisonous world, specifically in his home, which is overrun with addiction and abuse. It explores the real tension of trying ...
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    Let’s Talk About Sex

    The truth is, we live not in a Theocracy. Long gone are the days where Rulers, Kings, Monarchs, and Presidents look to a higher being in the decision making process. Human reasoning and understanding has become the final authority in all matters.

    There is a tension that many believers find themselves in; the ...
  • 116 Clique

    116 Clique’s 13 Letters Re-release “Expanded Edition”

    Speak the language. It started with hip hop music, and now Reach expands its influence through biblically based media targeted at the urban culture. ReachLife Ministries is a nonprofit started to fulfill a need in the church to provide relevant training resources for the next generation.