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    Unashamed Conference Announces ‘Unspoken’ Women’s Panel

    Ladies of the Unashamed Movement, this is for YOU! The Unashamed Conference and All is Vanity are presenting Unspoken: Things Women Think but Rarely Say Get out of your head and let’s talk, ladies! Come take part in a discussion about identity, satisfaction, success, love, relationships, and sex. Unashamed women, it’s time to speak up! Register today to join the ...
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    Rapzilla.com’s Urban Leadership Collective

    We need leaders. There’s no other way to say it. And there’s a large section of young urban men and women that need shaping as leaders. They are eagerly searching leaders to hear from, leaders to connect with and content for people ministering in their context. God has allowed Rapzilla to be uniquely placed at the intersection of the Hip-hop ...