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    Christian Rap Album Drops [December 11 2020] (Listen Here)

    Just like every week, Christian rap unloads a flurry of music on us. Here’s a list featuring some of those people! Let us know what your favorite track was. Angie Rose Buy/Stream here. J. Crum LUCY FREESTYLE. pic.twitter.com/ZiJC73RB19 — J. Crum | VAGABOND out now (@jcrummusic) December 11, 2020 K-Drama KJ-52 KNALADEUS ft. A.I. the Anomaly & Jes Norris Mitch ...
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    Nu Tone – Finish Strong ft. Thi’sl & Scribe Music

    Nu Tone featured Thi’sl and Scribe Music on his new single called “Finish Strong.” “I was inspired to uplift the body of Christ. We are living in some difficult times. This pandemic and sin in our nation have been hard to get by. We must finish strong. We still have a mission to reach the lost and to edify the ...