• Dove Awards

    A Timeline of Every Christian Hip-Hop Dove Award Winner

    We all know the stories of how the Christian Rap community feels the Dove Awards have represented them over the years. Just like the mainstream Grammy Awards, when hip-hop was rising to prevalence in the 80s, they just didn’t know what to do with it. Furthermore, the acceptance of Hip-Hop, especially by the church, would not come until years later. ...
  • NF

    NF Reveals New Music is on the Way After Quiet Start to 2022

    NF has been extremely silent on the social media and music front. He dropped CLOUDS The Mixtape about a year ago, announced tickets to the tour, and that’s about it since September 2021. Tonight he posted a single question mark on his Twitter which told people music was coming. A few hours later, and that’s exactly what he confirmed. *UPDATE – Tweets ...
  • 29

    2021 Rapzilla.com Awards Nominees (Vote Now)

    Two years into COVID and political/social unrest and the Christian Rap community still kept moving like business as usual. The year was full of encouraging and inspiring releases from old and new artists all across the board and we want to honor them with our Rapzilla.com Awards once again. It was truly an incredible year. We worked hard to put together ...
  • Features

    Top 10 Most Read Features on Rapzilla.com in 2021

    Despite many of the rough stories that made headlines in 2021, there were many that cut through and got us thinking. Our Top 10 Most Read Features of 2021 are the op-ed’s, deep thoughts, or breakdowns that were penned by our team. Take a look at this year’s most-read ones. The Living Testimony of John Gabbana Part 1: Hitting Rock ...
  • Christian rap news

    Top Most Read News Articles on Rapzilla.com in 2021

    With news headlines dominating our lives this year, here are some of the Top Most Read News Articles in the Christian hip-hop world. Bizzle Responds To Lil Nas X With New Song, “Call HIM By HIS Name” (April Fools Post) April Fools Post* Bizzle is someone who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks on the mic. Going back to ...
  • NF

    NF ‘CLOUDS’ Tour Tickets Now Live

    NF is returning to touring now that COVID is more under control. The rapper will finally be able to play songs from his new project CLOUDS the Mixtape. The tickets went live today and are only available for the next two days. The tour starts September 22nd and runs through October 17th. Get tickets here. NF Tour Dates:  
  • NF

    ‘Let You Down’ by NF Reaches One Billion Streams

    2021 is shaping to be a notable year for NF. Earlier this year, he announced he will be a father. Now, his song “Let You Down” has reached one billion streams on Spotify. This is his first song to reach such a height and the first song in the Christian Rap genre to reach 1 billion streams. Read NF’s Reaction ...
  • Top Christian Rap News

    NF Drops ‘CLOUDS’, CHH Reacts to Lil Nas X, ‘Coming in Hot’ Goes Viral, & ...

    Welcome to our weekly episode of Rapzilla.com’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Tuesday. Watch Our Christian Rap News Show Below: NF, GAWVI, & HOG MOB Last Friday’s biggest release was Clouds (The Mixtape) by NF who also dropped his music video for “Story.” As expected, ...
  • 26

    Bar Exam: NF – Clouds Mixtape (First Listen Review)

    If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed that I’ve been an NF fan for a long time, and that comes with some interesting reactions. I probably deserved some of it, (like the time that I put him as the #1 overall CHH artist) but I digress… I’ve appreciated his intentionality when it comes to diving into emotion ...
  • Christian Rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [March 26th] (Listen Here)

    Another week has come and gone but the Christian Rap keeps coming. We dropped a bunch of today’s releases on our Christian Rap Daily Playlist. Some of the names added are NF, GAWVI, HOG MOB, Aaron Cole, and more! Listen to Christian Rap Below: