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    Lies Hip Hop Told Me: F**k Tha Police

    N.W.A.’s 1988 song “F**k tha Police” was more than a mere song. It was an anthem in cities across the country. It became such because it powerfully captured a popular sentiment, namely, that “911 is a Joke” (as Flavor Flav famously put it) and that police officers commonly abuse their power in their policing of minority neighborhoods.
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    Flashback Friday: Gospel Gangstaz – One Time

    “One Time” Gospel Gangstaz Gang Affiliated 1994 Myx Records Recently we highlighted S.F.C. and their brand-launching powers with a song that featured the then unknown group, “Alliance Of Light”. Later this group became known as the Original Gospel Gangstas… The O double Gs… Gospel Gangstaz… and what have you. The short and sweet version (really all Flashback Friday’s are short ...