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    Interview with breakers Music City Soul

    Music City Soul were a group of brothers that were highly talented, and experienced breakers, and were also Christian. We stopped the guys after the Dove Awards 2010 performance they did with Toby Mac. Watch as they show you some moves outside of the Grand Ole Opry.
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    Review – Rawsrvnt – Makin’ Moves

    Rawsrvnt (pronounced raw servant) delivers up a fresh set of beats and lyrics with “Makin’ Moves,” a gritty, krunk/rasta-infused album in the vein of such artists like Chalwell or Pettidee. He brings it raw, uncut, and extremely danceable. But, he’s also shrewd enough to keep his style versatile, crafting beats that are fast, slow, and mid-tempo. This is great music ...
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    Rawsrvnt to Release New Album “Makin’ Moves”

    Rawsrvnt (pronounced raw servant), continues to please his ever increasing fan-base with his eclectic gift of music. As a follow-up to his award winning worship album, In Rare Form [2006], Rawsrvnt shows his versatility and growth as an artist with his latest album, MakinÂ’ Moves.