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    Review – Night Owls 5 ‘Bird Flu’

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    Since the beginning of recorded music, there has been one constant: record labels. For the most part, they come and go, especially on the independent scene. Labels like Sun Records, Sub-Pop and Metal Blade have all shaped different genres in ...
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    MotionPlus drops “War Scars”

    MotionPlus of Scribbling Idiots releases a new EP as part of the Scribbling Idiots Monthly. This EP is filled with emotional, and very personal music in a way that only MotionPlus can deliver it. Its also a new sound for the S.I. crew member. It is a digital release and can be found at http://scribblingidiots.bandcamp.com/album/war-scars track listing: 1) the intro ...
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    Motion Plus in Studio + more

    MotionPlus is trying to start the year of 2009 off with some good ol' hip hop for the soul. MotionPlus is in the studio finishing up his EP ""Golden Rule" with JustMe on the MPC, featuring members of the Scribbling Idiots.  "This EP will take you back to the days of Golden Era hip hop with out feeling dated" says ...

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    Motion Plus Finally Releases Debut Album


    The Sound Protest is the long awaited and much anticipated debut release from Motion Plus. Motion Plus has truly put together a very solid album.

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    Night Owls 3

    Syntax Records is going to finally release Night Owls 3 "The Chiropractor's Goldmine."