• Kamban, Montell Fish, Nic D

    Christian Rap Song Drops [Sept. 3rd] (Listen Here)

    Christian Rap had a few solid drops today, so we updated the playlists and dropped them right here for you! Let us know which ones you’re listening to today! Big Breeze – Holy Stiff ft. Parris Chariz Caleb McCoy ft. Mariah Anae – Keep Your Word DJ Promote & Swoope – Good Day Hyper Fenton & Jason Fenton – How ...
  • Juneteenth

    Maverick City Music Drops Powerful ‘Jubilee: The Juneteenth Addition’

    As America ushers in Juneteenth as a nationally recognized holiday, the Christian music industry celebrates an extensive and collaborative project from Maverick City Music—”Jubilee: The Juneteenth Edition.” The album is an impressive work spanning nearly two hours and consisting of nineteen tracks. Familiar artists to CHH such as Montell Fish and Lecrae appear on the album. In addition to his ...
  • Christian rap

    6 Christian Rap Artists Who Also Create Lofi Hip-Hop

    Ever since Lofi Hip-Hop really took off around five years ago, several Christian Rap artists have tried their hand at the genre. Finding it can be tricky sometimes, however. Some artists post it amongst their main content, while others will release it under another artist name. We did some of the research to save you some time. So here are ...
  • Christian rap

    How an Artist’s Growth Impacts Their Listeners (Andy Mineo & Montell Fish)

    Many things feed us. What we listen to, what we see daily, (either by choice or natural occurrences) nuggets we take from people we look up to.  These things mold us gradually to become our entity. Music is one of the things that feed the soul richly and this article would be emphasizing that. Music is very powerful. It’s a ...
  • CJ King, Kay Sade, Montell Fish, Nic D, adriansings

    5 Christian Rap Artists Who Could Be Café Guitarists

    Some Christian Rap artists have produced several new sounds and fusions of genres in the past few years. But what if a few artists completely changed genres? Here are 5 Christian Rap artists who could be café guitarists. This list is in no particular order. 5. CJ King CJ is one of those versatile artists that you can’t put into ...
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [October 23 2020] (Listen Here)

    There are a ton of Christian rap songs that dropped today. In an effort to get to as many as we can, here’s a post with a bunch! Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. Arrow x Rapzilla ft. Xavier Sorrow & Xay Hill Click here to Stream/Buy this song on any platform 350 – ...
  • Christian rap

    10 Christian Rap Artists to Watch in 2020

    With the decade coming to a close, it is clear that a new generation of Christian rap artists has arisen to carve out a home in the subgenre. These creatives, with the favor of God and endurance, are bound to make incredible moves for the kingdom. In an attempt to honor their efforts, we have compiled a list of ten ...
  • Aaron Cole

    Aaron Cole Debut Album Release Date, Tracklist, and Features

    Aaron Cole has steadily been growing in music and artist stature the past few years. He’s been consistent and one of the brightest spots on Gotee Records. Now on August 30, 2019, he will be releasing his first full-length album with the label called NOT BY CHANCE. The record was produced by Chino and Chris King along with former Capital ...
  • Legacy Disciple

    Derek Minor, Shai Linne, Canono, & More Gather for Legacy Chicago 2019

    On July 18-20, 2019, Legacy Disciple will host its 13th annual conference in Chicago. It will include concerts featuring Derek Minor, Canon, Aaron Cole, Steven Malcolm, Montell Fish, and Shepherd. There will be teaching by Shai and Blair Linne, Janette..ikz, Preston Perry, Joseph Solomon, and Dhati Lewis. Legacy Chicago offers dozens of workshop options on topics like disciple-making, relationships, sexuality, ...
  • Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Stole a Song From Ruslan to Make ‘Once in a Dry Season’

    Kings Dream Entertainment’s very own Paul Russell shared how his musical journey and eventual signing with the label was anything but conventional. Shifting focus, Paul explains more about his official debut album, its creation process, the themes he explores, and ultimately what he hopes listeners will get out of it. Rapzilla: There’s a line in “Kimbo Slice” where your sister ...