• Christian R&B

    Wande & Erinn Knight’s Top Christian R&B Artists

    These are Christian R&B artists that you can listen to out of pure enjoyment and not just because you love Jesus and have no other options sonically. They bring all the vibes and glorify Jesus which makes it even better. Definitely on my playlists! Stevie Rizo V. Rose Jor’ dan Armstrong Jaylon Ashaun Evan & Eris Darius James Cortes Spencer ...
  • Hyper fenton

    Hyper Fenton x Moflo Music – Closer ft. TEXTME

    Hyper Fenton said he was going back to releasing music every other week. That’s good news for everyone. With his trusty producer Moflo Music, the song “Closer” was released featuring TEXTME. Listen to Hyper Fenton Below: 
  • Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music

    Hyper Fenton – Selfish

    Hyper Fenton has been a little quiet lately, for him at least, but his new single “Selfish” is out. As always, the beat was produced by Moflo Music. Listen to Hyper Fenton Below: 
  • Hyper Fenton

    Hyper Fenton Gave Up Acting for a Role He Couldn’t Refuse

    Last week, we dived into Xay Hill and what was behind his grind. Today, We will look behind another artist on the grind: Hyper Fenton. If someone would have told Hyper Fenton 5 years ago he would no longer be acting, but instead be a CHH artist gunning for Spotify playlists and be a children’s pastor, he would have disagreed. ...
  • Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton

    Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton Stress Importance of Producer/Artist Relationships

    Rappers these days are always saying they are on the grind. They are working their hardest to become the best artist they can be or the best ever. Few can prove that they are on their grind – Xay Hill & Hyper Fenton are two such artists. Both of these artists seemed destined for a spot on the 2019 Freshmen list but missed out ...
  • Josiah Williams

    Josiah Williams – When I Write

    Illinois-based Christian Hip-hop/Rhythmic Soul artist Josiah Williams released a new single produced by Moflo Music called “When I Write.” ‘”When I Write” is a song of reassurance, reminding myself why I’m on this path as a Christian Hip-Hop artist, and reaffirming that God will get the glory through everything that I do.” Listen to Josiah Williams below: Buy the single ...
  • Hyper Fenton

    Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music – Save Me

    Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music have created “Save Me” so people who have not yet committed their lives to the Lord could have eternal life by wholeheartedly singing this song to Christ. The duo is praying that at least one person sings this song with their heart to ask Jesus for salvation, that alone would make everything they’ve done this ...
  • Hyper Fenton

    Hyper Fenton, Moflo Music & smoothvega – Shot

    Hyper Fenton and producer Moflo Music released a new single with Smoothvega called “Shot.” “When Hyper Fenton heard that one of the biggest promoters in the area, Lorenzo Zenteno, had decided to reignite his music as the artist smoothvega, Hyper reached out to see if there was a way the two could combine forces on a song. After hearing some ...
  • Hyper Fenton

    Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music – Falcon

    Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music released their latest single called “Falcon.” “Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music have grounded this bird for quite some time. Originally intended to be one of their first songs in 2016, Falcon never got the chance to fly. However, music that is suppressed has a way of not being forgotten. Falcon is now fully ready to ...
  • 9

    Hyper Fenton, Moflo Music & Marcel Taylor – Full Strength

    Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music bring on Marcel Taylor for their new single, “Full Strength,” which is about finding your strength in Jesus Christ even in the midst of darkness and doubt. Listen to Hyper Fenton below: Buy the single here.