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    Beautiful Eulogy in Carmelo Anthony Jordan Brand Video

    The Jordan Brand held a private dinner for Carmelo Anthony's Jordan Family Dinner which can be seen here.
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    Bizzle Working With Platinum Producer Boi-1da

    Bizzle has been getting alot of feedback from both the secular and Christian Hip Hop market on his "diss track" entitled "Truth Music". Which has been released all over the internet this past week. The track addressed to Kanye, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross about involvement in the Illuminati has even caught the attention of ...
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    The Return of Beatmart?

    Beatmart Recordings’ twitter and facebook page are resurrected and it seems something is cooking at the label even the logo got revamped. Truth or Fiction? Check out the tweet and this facebook page status: “ ‎”Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for YEARS!” – LL Cool J. (Join us. We’re dusting off the minds of the founders and ...
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    New Lecrae Album to drop October 2010

    No more updates. See u near the end of finishing of my new album. Pray 4 me. Releases this fall. 116 on tour this fall ...

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    k-Drama to Perform at the Cincinnati Reds Game

    Major League Baseball & the Cincinnati Reds welcome back Cincinnati native, k-Drama to perform at the Reds vs. White Sox game on Friday, June 19th @ 5:30pm. k-Drama is performing as a part of the Reds concert series sponsored by AT&T. He is scheduled to perform a 45 minute set. May the light of Christ shine through k-Drama as he ...
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    Dirt is Back


    Dirt is a Man of the People. When he started making Music over ten years ago it was from an outpouring of his heart. Dirt says "the Overflow of My love for God and my culture of Hiphop came out in my music. Since then, I was blessed by YOU, the friends (fans) of my music."

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    John Reuben Word of Mouth

     John Reuben’s Word Of Mouth is due out February 6th. With his recent 2005 The Boy VS The Cynic, Reuben toured extensively including a 30–city nationwide stint with Pillar and Thousand Foot Crutch, as well as dates with Superchick and Sanctus Real.