• Christian Rap

    Top Christian Rap Songs of the Week 5/17/19

    Every week artists drop new singles and new content that we try to share with you. It’s easy for some of it to get lost in the shuffle, so we want to offer up this quick weekly rewind and look back at some of the top Christian rap songs you may have missed. Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music – Ultimate ...
  • Milan Credle

    Milan Credle – No Apology

    Milan isn’t apologizing for how he acts. As he explains in his single, “No Apology,” he’s just following God and the blessings given to him. Listen to Milan Credle Below:   Check out Milan’s last music video, “Beauty in The Struggle,” here.
  • Milan Credle

    Milan Credle – Beauty In The Struggle

    Milan Credle drops the music video for his track “Beauty in the Struggle.” Watch Milan Credle Below:
  • Milan Credle

    Milan Credle – Give

    Rapper Milan Credle dropped one of the best songs you’ll hear today. “This song, partnered with the Lancaster Community Foundation, was released for the city of Lancaster’s ExtraGive Festival. As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s an eclectic sound to touch all listeners around the world to ‘Give’ to one another.¬†Inspiring community and love amongst each other to reflect God’s intention for mankind,” ...