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    Von Won Changes His Name to Vaughaligan Walwyn

    For most of us, change of any kind can be uncomfortable and frightening. However, some change can also represent growth and maturity. Such is the mindset of the artist formerly known as Von Won. "Initially, I was doing secular music, but when I got saved and gave my life to the Lord; I was trying to ...
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    Derek Minor – My name is NOT PRo

    Derek Minor, formerly known as PRo, released a blog explaining the name change. Check it out below:
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    Review – Rey King – Young God

    Undoubtedly, you’re curious about the album title of Rey King’s debut release. Seems a bit odd, to say the least, for a Christian artist to title their album Young God. But of course, we all know better than to pass a verdict on something or someone without actually first examining the issue, and a once through of King’s Young God ...