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    15 Christian Rap Albums That Turn 25 Years Old In 2020

    Christian Rap has changed so much since 1995, but I feel like it was in that year that a lot of Christian Rap really started finding their stride. Looking back, this was a pretty big year for CHH. Look below at the most notable releases. T-Bone: Tha Life Of A Hoodlum Even though he had a dope single under his ...
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    Vintage Hip Hop digital re-releases from Freedom of Soul and Peace 586

    Frontline Records, a subsidiary label of Meis Music Group, in collaboration with Ojo Taylor, are making these legacy albums available digitally for the first time. Freedom Of Soul released their debut, Caught In A Land Of Time, in 1991 on Brainstorm Artists Int’l. With streetwise styling, the CD was hailed as a nice bridge between harder street rap from artists ...
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    It’s All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards Weekend!

    In 2008, the event formerly known as the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards will be billed as the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. And instead of a strictly state-wide scope, this year's festivities will now encompass and honor artists from all across the United States who have and continue to blaze trails within inspirational hip ...