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    Vote On Christian Rap Hot Or Not Submissions Of The Day (1/12/22)

    We’re dropping our best submitted Christian rap picks in one post. Then we want YOU, the audience, to pick which of these songs was your favorite for the day. At the end of the month, we’ll compile a list of all the winners and they’ll be added to the New Christian rap Songs Daily! This is Hot or Not! Voting ...
  • Loovy

    Loovy – ALL DAY

    Loovy dropped his new single “ALL DAY” and it’s fresh off the heels of his NBA2K placement. Listen to Loovy Below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy – NICE music video

    Loovy just doesn’t stop coming with bangers, with this new music video for his song “NICE!” The song brings a level of smoothness but yet aggression that is unmatched. Directed by GEontheCamera of Collect Entertainment. “NICE” is produced by Gerreaux and off his newest EP, Bald Fade Energy. Watch Loovy Below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy Track ‘I Do This’ Featured on NBA2K21

    Chicago’s own Loovy has won big for the city with his new catchy and motivating track “I DO THIS.” The song has been featured on the video game NBA2K21! Loovy brings it home with his intense flow and smooth lyrics. More specifically, the song will be heard on the newest release of the game, the “Next Gen Edition” and has ...
  • Loovy

    Loovy – The Loo music video

    Loovy ends the season right with his summer anthem, “The Loo.” This New York drill beat mixed with Chicago vibes is sure to get you up dancing. The track is produced by Saint Cardona and not only has catchy lyrics but the uptempo tone will take the party to the next level! Watch Loovy Below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy – The Vibes music video

    Chicago rapper Loovy continues to stay consistent with his newest work “The Vibes” This heavily sampled track gives a smooth hook and motivating lyrics. This video was directed by Collect Entertainment. Watch Loovy Below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy – The Loo

    Loovy ends the season right with his summer anthem, “The Loo.” This New York drill beat mixed with Chicago vibes is sure to get you up dancing. The track is produced by Saint Cardona and not only has catchy lyrics but the uptempo tone will take the party to the next level! Listen to Loovy Below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy – Soldier Scheme

    Loovy brings another motivational banger in “Soldier Scheme.” This track has a passionate flow met with thought-provoking lyrics. Produced by Kevin Katana, Loovy is sure to get you focused and out of your seat on this one! Listen to Loovy Below: Rapzilla · Loovy – Soldier Scheme  
  • Loovy

    Loovy – I Do This music video

    After the anticipated Roseland project being released, Loovy brings a braggadocious flow in “I Do This.” The statement track brings an intense but chill vibe with a catchy hook. It definitely sets the tone heading into the summer! Watch Loovy below:
  • Loovy

    Loovy – Momma, We Made the News

    Loovy brings a catchy but powerful message in “Momma, We Made The News!” Loovy gives an intense flow while making a statement that black youth will make the news for something other than violence and being killed! With the Black Lives Matter movement and social injustice in society, this is the perfect anthem for Juneteenth! Listen to Loovy Below:  ...