• Legin

    Legin Interview: ‘GOOD ENUFF’ Series Brings Awareness to Mental Health by Pairing People with Therapists

    Rapper, ministry leader, and philanthropist Legin is no stranger to making a difference in his community. For years now, he has worked tirelessly to draw and raise funds for many causes. One of his biggest efforts is with the Safe House Project that helps bring awareness to sex-trafficked women and girls first in South Africa and then the U.S. That ...
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [January 22 2021] (Listen Here)

    There was a bunch of single releases that dropped today. We have some of them here. Which one is your favorite? A.I. the Anomaly Deanne Walden ft. JPKilledIt Gerry Skrillz Legin Nic D. ft. Foggieraw Reece Lache ft. Adrion Butler Still Shadey ft. Jo Joey, Double S, & Melvillous tylerhateslife – type. ft. Nic D Stream/Buy this song here UZUHAN ...
  • 5

    Christian Rap & the Side Hustle: 10 Artists with Non-Music Related Clothing Brands

    There’s nothing that truly brings out the entrepreneurial spirit like a necessity. 2020 was a crazy year for everyone, especially artists, who normally make a living or expand their audiences playing shows. Many found themselves having to branch off into different revenues to support themselves and a few landed on clothing. Most artists having clothing merch to support their brand, ...
  • Christian Rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [November 20 2020] (Listen Here)

    Here’s a big list of those who dropped in Christian rap today. Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. 1K Phew Aklesso A. Ward x Loso x Th3 Saga Corey Wise Dee-1 Eric Heron Jay Sanon J-Phish x YJO JXHN PVUL ft. Ada Betsabe Kody Free ft. Thomas Iannucci Legin Porsha Love ft. Larell Spencer ...
  • Community During Chaos

    Corey Paul Did Ministry with George Floyd, Legin Talks Safe House, Mitch Darrell on Next ...

    On Community During Chaos episode 13, we had Corey Paul on to speak of his relationship with George Floyd. Legin talked about his involvement with Safe House and OnWatch as they combat sex trafficking, and Mitch Darrell talked about being a leader within the next generation. This episode aired in August. Watch Community During Chaos Below:  
  • OnWatch

    OnWatch Aims to Lower 40% Rise in Sex Trafficking During COVID-19

    Imagine a six-year-old girl, whose father is a firefighter and mother stays at home. She has trouble paying attention in school, but nothing more than what teachers expect out of a six-year-old. She likes to spend her time outside. There is a park across the street from her house where she swings and plays well into the night. Most nights, ...
  • Legin

    Legin – All the Way ft. Eshon Burgundy

    On the energetic anthem “All the Way” Legin enlists Eshon Burgundy and producer Cardec Drums to inspire believers in Christ to go the full distance in life and faith. Today, many challenges attempt to derail us from a faithful journey, but our devotion to Christ is essential to completing the race. Legin talks avoiding distractions socially and personally to stay ...
  • Legin

    Legin – I’m the Man

    On this fun Cardec Drums produced track, Legin delivers an anthem to celebrate men in 2020, and himself as a family man and entrepreneur. Legin shares his background of fatherlessness and doubt, that many other men have, but he raps about the joy of overcoming those challenges and to become a successful father, husband, Christian rap artist, and leader, all ...
  • Legin

    Legin – Highly Esteemed Reprise

    Legin shared his story behind the song “Highly Esteemed Reprise”: After a 15 year absence, I was faced with the tension of forgiving my father, and our last conversation in this life was “I forgive you,” before he died. Later, as I came to Christ and was myself forgiven, I wrestled with why I struggled to give the grace to ...
  • Legin

    Legin – Problematic

    Rap artist Legin dropped his latest single “Problematic,” and he had a bit to say about it. “Culture sells us images that are destructive to consumers, especially to our children.” With heavy bass, tribal undertones, and melodic breaks, Legin lyrically reminds listeners that we’re all a part of the problem if we don’t stand up and that the Gospel gives ...