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    D.O.L. (Death of Leaks)

    Often words begin with a singular meaning in a certain context, and evolve into various meanings. Examples of words that have evolved and added to the book of slang, in the hip hop context are: dope, ill, fresh, word, sick, etc. In our opinion, there is a difference between the evolution ...
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    Da’ T.R.U.T.H. “The Big Picture” leaks

    2 songs from Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s upcoming album "The Big Picture" have been leaked recently online. "The Big Picture" is set to release in stores July 14th 2009. Listen to them here:
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    New Releases of the Week, #46 2008

    shai linne has released his new album “Storiez” with Lamp Mode recordings. Fedel “I Live” is releasing independent and will be a bit late since there was some duplication problems. Take a listen to the albums, shai linne 3 song leaks on Rapzilla and Fedel’s free mp3 single on Rapzilla. Buy the albums (or pre-order Fedel) now at Qualityjunk.com shai ...