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    Json Reveals 5th Studio Album Release Date

    UPDATE: Json's new album is very close to done. They decided to push the album back to make sure sound quality is up to par. Json says that his first single has been written for months now so expect that soon. The official release date is June 18, 2013.

    Word on the street ...
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    My three-year-old daughter is obsessed with bubbles. Since it’s been warmer out as of recent, she’s traded in Dora the Explorer On Demand for the great outdoors. She even has a machine that blows massive amounts of bubbles, so she and the machine work together to ensure our small lot is a bubble extravaganza. ...
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    The Producer as Scientist

    Producers are no doubt a peculiar breed. At any hour they can be found (in their underwear) at a computer experimenting with different sounds, their wife/helpmate in the next room counting sheep or wondering what they got themselves into with this basket case. This is, in large part, how the producer communicates; he mixes together ...

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    Open Letter to the Redeemed Emcee

    One of my favorite short story writers, Flannery O’ Connor, had this to share when asked about the lack of muscle in religious writing. Sorry writing “comes about when the writer supposes that because of his belief, he is somehow dispensed from the obligation to penetrate concrete reality.”
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    Kaboose featured in Zune store!

    Syntax Records artist Kaboose, has his song “Goin’ Outta Control” featuring Royce Da’ 5′ 9″ featured in the Zune Marketplace as a Free download. So if you have a Zune go and download the free song or enjoy this large screenshot of the feature.