• Christian Hip Hop

    Christian Hip Hop Albums that turn 20 in 2019

    It is amazing to see how Christian Hip Hop has changed since the ’90s. Twenty years ago, CHH was still only a chosen few, pioneering the genre, and yet closing out the 90s with hope. 1999 had some dope projects that deserve respect from every rap fan. Below are five projects from some of Christian Hip-Hop’s most influential albums that ...
  • Christian Rap

    7 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 25 This Year

    Christian Rap has had a long history. We look at seven albums that turn 25 this year from Gospel Gangstaz, S.F.C., and more 25 years ago the year was 1994. The new Lion King movie would make “The circle of life” a staple in every Disney themed road trip, depending on what system you had – you were playing Super ...