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    3rd Annual Rapzilla Beat Battle at Flavor Fest 2013

    The Battle:
    We're more than excited to bring back the beat battle to Flavor Fest this year! The 3rd annual Rapzilla Beat Battle will make history at Flavor Fest 2013 next month in Tampa, FL! The last two years, the auditorium at Crossover Church has been packed out to see some of the best beat ...
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    2nd Annual Rapzilla.com Beat Battle at Flavor Fest 2012

    Last year at Flavor Fest 2011 we launched our first Rapzilla.com Beat Battle. The auditorium at Crossover Church was packed out for the first night and definitely the second night - the finals. The response from attendee's, artists, and producers was overwhelming. With that said, here is the info on the 2nd Annual Rapzilla.com Beat Battle at ...
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    Tedashii “Riot” Remix Contest Winner

    The panel of judges for the Riot Remix Contest were Timothy "rocdomz" Trudeau (Syntax Records), Tony Stone, Alex Medina, DJ Official, and Street Symphony. The panel looked at the top voted submissions first. From there they combed through the 300+ submissions! We want to thank everyone that took