• Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x Cabreja – JOVEN

    Ian Kenville and Cabreja collaborated for a fun music video with “JOVEN.” “‘Joven’ is Spanish for youth/young person. The visual and the song were created to ignite that sense of youthful, light-hearted love for music that most artists had in the beginning. It is so easy to get consumed by work, stream numbers, whether songs get blog posts, interviews, etc., instead of ...
  • Jeff Cabreja

    CABREJA – Vision

    Cabreja fka Jeff Cabreja, is simplifying his name but still dropping bangers. His new song “Vision” is the start and he took the time to explain it. This record paves the way for many things I set in motion last year. The handful of releases under “Jeff Cabreja” spoke about the grind and what mattered most, like family and being ...
  • Jeff Cabreja

    Jeff Cabreja – Pick Up

    Hip-Hop artist Jeff Cabreja released his newest single “Pick Up” last Friday. “The idea for this record came from a photo Mateo Toro, a photographer out of Reading, PA, shot in which you could see me picking up my phone. It quickly sparked the inspiration behind the hook and overall song concept. During the writing process I decided to dedicate ...
  • J-Phish

    J-Phish Dissects Latest Three Singles & Hints at New Music

    J-Phish has had a productive year, releasing an album and a few singles. We talked with Phish and he explained what went behind his latest three singles: “Get Some” ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise, “Bless a Savage” ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, & Tre’Gadd, and “How About Now.” Get Some ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise “[ISeeYouKev] had never released a ...
  • J-Phish

    J-Phish – Bless A Savage ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, & Tre’Gadd

    Rapper J-Phish released one of the funniest tracks of the day, “Bless A Savage.” The song features Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja & Tre’Gadd. “This is just a vibe track talking about the blessings God gives those who put their faith in Him,” he said. Listen to & Download J-Phish Below:  Buy here.
  • Spotify

    More Artists to Know with Under 500 Followers on Spotify

    A few months ago we introduced you to artists we thought deserved more love on their Spotify’s. Now, we’re here to present 10 more to add to your “don’t sleep” lists. The following list is of rappers that have less than 500 followers or 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Kyle Ringer 1,976 Monthly Listeners (59 Followers) Kyle Ringer is the young gun ...
  • Jeff Cabreja

    Jeff Cabreja – US ft. Ian Kenville, DZH, and Young Prophet

    Jeff Cabreja released his new track “US” featuring Ian Kenville, DZH, and Young Prophet. Jeff’s Perspective: “US. The overlooked and underestimated. The ones who are stepped on brushed aside, forgotten, and taken advantage of. This was me. I thought I was alone but I’m not. We’re not. We are one and as one we are bigger, better, and stronger. Together ...
  • Jeff Cabreja

    Jeff Cabreja – SWOOSH ft. Young Prophet

    Rapper Jeff Cabreja drops basketball themed song “SWOOSH,” featuring Young Prophet. “Go for it. Challenge yourself. Take the risks. Shoot your shot. The entire idea behind this record is to encourage other creatives to chase their dreams and go for the goal, no matter what stands in your way,” said Cabreja. “The basketball-related terms throughout the song enforces this concept ...
  • 10

    Jeff Cabreja – BAG

    Hip-Hop artist Jeff Cabreja released his first single of 2018, "Bag."