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    Jay Sanon – Insecurity (Interlude) music video

    Jay Sanon dropped his music video for “insecurity (Interlude),” let us know what you think. The concept of this video is to convey the internal insecurity of a man who is at his lowest financially and dating a woman who he feels is out of his league. He’s just been evicted from his apartment and is now staying at a motel until ...
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    Jay Sanon – 7/11 FREESTYLE

    Jay Sanon dropped his “7/11 Freestyle” and he had a lot to say in it and about it. “This song is a stream of consciousness and speaks about where I’m at currently in life. It comes out on my birthday hence the reference 7/11. Birthdays have always been a time to reflect on how far I’ve made it. And all ...
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    Jay Sanon – Somebody ft. BreeKay

    Jay Sanon has a question about his song “Somebody” featuring BreeKay. “Do you remember how your first break up felt? You’re first heartbreak? I’m sure you and do and this song is my story about how I felt when I went through my first break up. And spoiler alert it ended badly very badly! But all in all it help ...
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    Jay Sanon – Boomerang Pt. 2 ft. Clive Anthony & Jay Parker

    Jay Sanon dropped his new track “Boomerang Pt. 2” Clive Anthony and Jay Parker. “This song is a celebration of marriage. A holy union between a man and a woman designed by God,” he said. “There’s a bunch of music that’s out right now that glorifies promiscuity but I decided to do the opposite and showcase what a monogamous committed relationship ...
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    Jay Sanon – No Doubt

    Jay Sanon dropped his single “No Doubt” for free download. “Have you ever been in love before? Do you remember how it felt when you first fell in love with someone? No Doubt I bet you do. This song is about my experience of how it felt to fall in love with someone for the first time,” he said. “Throughout the ...
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    Jay Sanon – Magneto Freestyle Reprised

    Rapper and producer Jay Sanon is bringing the barssss with his “Magneto Freestyle Reprised.” The track is available for free download. “You know growing up as a kid I always loved watching 106 and Park’s Freestyle Fridays or Rap City basement with Big Tiger. Even rushing to get to school early before the bell rang just so I could go online ...
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    Jay Sanon – Nobody ft. unEVL

    Hip-hop artist Jay Sanon released a new single featuring unEVL, “Nobody.” “Nobody is defined as a person of no influence or consequence. There was a time in my life where I was complacent about my current situation spiritually, physically and financially. Then it hit me nobody can stop me from reaching my God-given potential but me. No weapon formed against ...
  • Jay Sanon

    Jay Sanon – Five Fifty Seven

    Rapper Jay Sanon dropped a music video to his single “Five Fifty Seven.” “This song is about being productive with your gifts. It’s cool to have dreams and to have aspirations but if you’re not getting off of the mattress and actually putting your hands to the plow then it’s useless. 5:57 AM early bird gets the worm don’t wait ...
  • Jay Sanon

    Jay Sanon – Swerve Off

    Hip-Hop artist Jay Sanon just dropped his track “Swerve Off” for free download. “There are so many things in this life that will distract us and keep us from reaching our God giving destination,” he said. “Lustful relationships, depression, doubts etc. The enemy will use anything and anyone to cause us to detour from the mission. This song is a ...
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    Free Download: Jay Sanon – Infatuation

    Listen and download Jay Sanon's self-produced single "Infatuation."