• Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [January 29 2021] (Listen Here)

    There was a ton that dropped in Christian rap today! We have a feeling we missed a bunch too, but here goes nothing! 1K Famo 3 Miles High Aable x Rapzilla A.I. the Anomaly Das ft. V. Rose Hulvey James Gardin ft. Taylor Taylor Josiah Davis ft. seni. & Jude. JPKilledIt Konata Small Matthew Campbell Miles Minnick MvkeyyJ Oh-So, OnBeatMusic ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – Ijuststartedlovingme

    We play the comparison game all day on social media and in society. This game has given us a distorted view of our value and worth. Michigan Rapper/Producer James Gardin attempts to wrestle with his personal journey of finding love in the eternal and not things that will wither away and understanding that he truly is fearfully and wonderfully made. ...
  • Mitch Darrell

    Mitch Darrell – Black & Proud ft. MontyTheHokage & James Gardin

    Mitch Darrell released his new track “Black & Proud” featuring MontyTheHokage & James Gardin. Listen to Mitch Darrell Below:
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – Lovely

    In a time when people aren’t able to meet in buildings weekly for religious gatherings, we have to find new ways to digitally connect and worship together. Music has always been an effective tool in bringing people together. Michigan producer rapper James Gardin decides to bring listeners into his personal experience with God’s Love on his single “Lovely.” Lovely’s production draws ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – New Number Who Dis?

    “New Number Who dis?” by James Gardin is a message to people who try to pigeon hold us to who we used to be and don’t recognize your growth. When people have known you for a long time sometimes it’s hard for them to acknowledge your growth. This can be an issue of proximity and or refusal. Gardin says, “I ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – Diamond in the Rough

    James Gardin teams up with longtime collaborator Terem on an anthem for the underdog entitled “Diamond in the Rough.” “Diamond in The Rough” is for anyone who saw the intrinsic value of their gift before it was validated by outside sources. If you invested in your self and kept pushing through every set back this is the song to play during your ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – Pretty Painting

    Michigan recording artist/producer James Gardin puts a little love in the air with his new single “Pretty Painting. The energy of “Pretty Painting’s” production is perfect for dance floors and if you and your loved one want to have a dance-off. “Pretty Painting” is inspired by the old adage that, “Beauty is only skin deep.” Artful Masterpieces are pretty to ...
  • James gardin

    James Gardin – Parade

    James Gardin on his new song “Parade”: “Don’ let anyone rain on your parade. Let’s walk in our victory from this day forward.” “‘Parade’ is the perfect anthem to get you pumped up before a game, job interview and whatever the next thing you plan on conquering. Play this song when you feel good, play it when you feel bad. ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – This Family

    Michigan recording artist James Gardin crafts a soulful Christmas song where he reflects on how his family was the best gift He’s ever received. The piano-driven record accompanied by a groovy bass line, and toe-tapping drums, will get the whole family out of their seats this holiday season. The Star on top of the tree is a special message in ...
  • James Gardin

    James Gardin – I Don’t Really like Where I’m at

    “I don’t really like where I’m at” by James Gardin is an attempt at a modern-day Psalm – a lyrical lament. “‘I don’t really like where I’m at’ is about when a person realizes that they are in a rut and that seasonal depression has arrived. This song will allow you to address where you’re at emotionally and express your unhappiness. I think ...