• J.C. & the Boyz

    Who was the First Group in Christian Rap History?

    At the Mic Drop Movie event and premiere, we had the chance to interview all of the pioneers of Christian rap. After asking Stephen Wiley and Michael Peace about who the first Christian rapper was, the next question was – “Who was the first group?” Some of the artists shouted out P.I.D., some said S.F.C., but ultimately they all pointed ...
  • Dynamic Twins - "Word 2 The Wize"

    Flashback Friday: Dynamic Twins – Fantasy

    “Fantasy” Dynamic Twins Word 2 The Wize 1991 Broken Records Last week was decidedly east coast. I’m still wearing my furry parka as I type this. So in the words of your boy President Obama, it would only be “fair” to draw your attention back to the west coast. Besides… not to be biased but, we all know that the ...