• A. Ward

    A. Ward Wins Big with King of the Dot Battle Rap Award

    Last year was one for the books for the Horsemen known as A. Ward. The Kansas City representative has become one of the prolific pens in the battle culture today, providing top tier material for every one of the 12 opponents he clashed with, regardless of their notoriety or lack thereof. For that reason, alongside many others, King Of The ...
  • IV Horsemen

    The IV Horsemen Sit Amongst Battle Rap Elite in New Rankings

    Let’s be honest. The IV Horsemen is a stable that holds some of the greatest pens in the battle rap game today. Since their inception, the group has raised the bar in the battle rap culture. If you don’t believe me, ask around. Everyone from the Source Magazine to your mama’s pastors third cousin knows these cats are no joke. ...