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    D.O.L. (Death of Leaks)

    Often words begin with a singular meaning in a certain context, and evolve into various meanings. Examples of words that have evolved and added to the book of slang, in the hip hop context are: dope, ill, fresh, word, sick, etc. In our opinion, there is a difference between the evolution ...
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    Christian Hip Hop: Inspired or Copying?

    The journey of exploring a Christian bookstore for the latest rock, hip-hop or pop album always includes a visitation of the infamous comparison chart. The chart's primary objective is to compare mainstream and Christian artistic styles to conclude whether they can be placed in the same category. The music industry as a whole likes to ...
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    LEARN: How to write a press release

    As one of the premiere music outlets in Christian music, we get tons of emails, and now Tweets, Facebook comments, Facebook messages, Facebook IM's, instant messages, text messages, phone calls, etc., from artists that are ignorant to the industry standards, relationship building, and professionalism. Everyone is ignorant at some point and everyone will be ignorant to ...
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    Lil Prophet releases “Versatile”

    Lil Prophet has just dropped his new sophomore album "Versatile." The album has been produced by Pettidee, K-Drama, and PRO. Versatile features new hit singles like "I Go Hard" featuring Pettidee and Bonafide of GRITS and "Stupid Crazy Crunk"; these hits have been climbing the Holy Hip Hop charts. "Hulk Hogan On’em" has been #1 on holyhiphop.org ...
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    New Canton Jones Album To Hit Shelves October 6th

    The lights dim over the standing room only crowd. The room is thick with an air of anticipation. A voice sprinkled with strong vibrato and a touch of old school R&B rings out. The crowd goes wild! The voice rings out again, this time with twice the intensity. The crowd screams as the young, but clearly seasoned artist ...
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    Higher Ground International Deejay Record Pool Conference Announced

    On Sept. 21-22, 2009, The Higher Ground Record Pool (HGRP)/1 Accord DJ Alliance will host its 1st Annual DJ Conference. This milestone marks the creation of the 1st National DJ Conference for the Faith-based community. The Higher Ground Record Pool (HGRP)/1 Accord DJ Alliance Conference is geared to educate, empower, and mobilize Gospel/Christian DJs while equipping them ...
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    Video Interview – DJ Maj

    Uncle Maj shares some big news regarding his next mixtape and some interesting industry insights. This is a must see!
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    Say Goodbye to “Music Meets the Truth” 2010

    This is probably going to come as a big disappointment, especially if you’re one of the tens-of-thousands of fans who have enjoyed Beat Lab 7 Productionz’ finest albums which releases annually AND is totally FREE OF CHARGE. Over the past 3 years, Beat Lab 7 producers Crucial and s.a.i.n.t. jon have put out one of the industry’s ...
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    Drug Loving Burglar Breaks in to Christian Hip Hop Arena

    Some know him as a common thief; a liar and back-stabber. Others remember him by his infamous and ever-so-expensive property vandalism. Women of his past acknowledge him as a creep, only good for a one-night stand. Old friends call him a shady drug addict while local pawn shop owners still share that same common question ...
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    The Music Video

    You’ve heard it said that we live in a digital age, an age where technology leads the march and we follow, almost unconsciously, wondering to ourselves what the next big thing will be.