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    Rob Hodge new Mixtape

    Rob Hodge & Allan Houston

    Rob Hodge is officially going to the Mainstream General Secular Market. "I'm moving to a bigger genre to impact the industry like no one has ever done before. I will bring a breath of fresh air and water to this dying ...
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    LA Symphony Mixtape

    L.A.Symphony "Unleashed" mixtape is mixed and the artwork is just about set! "Unleashed" is a compilation of rare, unrealesed, remixed material from the last seven years.

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    Yuinon set to release Mad Prophets album


    The Mad Prophets have some Current Events they want you to hear! After creating a buzz with their debut, Reasons for Rhetoric, the diverse Detroit based trio is putting finishing touches on their Yuinon Records release executive produced by Maji due November 21.

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    Grits new Studio album, Redemption


    Gotee hip-hop duo GRITS has captured the latest musical chapter of their decade-long career with Redemption, set to release November 21st.

    The 12-song album, co-produced by GRITS and a host of collaborators, features titles including “We Workin”, “Holla At Ya”, “Heyyy”, “Not The Same”, “Tight Wit These”, “Soul Cry”, “Ambitions”, “You Said”, “We Ride”, as well as ...