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    Level 3:16 “Tell Em (Internal Conflict)”

    Also check out the Level 3:16 x Cross Movement Records x Impact Movement Giveaway.
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    5 Mics?

    After sharing my concern and frustration with some colleagues regarding reading album reviews and their ratings over the years that received 4, 4.5, or 5 mics/stars that are in my opinion undeserving, I decided to publish my thoughts.

    I grew up not knowing about Jesus, the church culture, or Christian music. I ...
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    LEVEL 3:16 – New Group from CMR/Impact Movement Partnership

    Cross Movement Records (CMR) announces it has formed a strategic partnership with non-profit organization The Impact Movement. The first offering is a release of the debut album from new group, Level 3:16. The self-titled project drops December 28, 2010, occuring the week of The Impact Movement’s national conference in Atlanta. Thousands of high school, college students, alumni ...
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    Cross Movement Records Introduces: Level 3:16

    Cross Movement Records, in partnership with Impact Music (a ministry of The Impact Movement), introduces Level 3:16, a new group that features two male MCs, a female DJ and three female vocalists.
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    Hip Hop Oz

    In a particular scene of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is conversing with some eccentrics after having been propelled by a cyclone into a strange territory, a land of foreign, yet blooming earth. Dorothy, when told of the City of Emeralds where the Great Wizard is, (as he is her only hope of returning home) decides to ...
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    Open Letter to the Redeemed Emcee

    One of my favorite short story writers, Flannery O’ Connor, had this to share when asked about the lack of muscle in religious writing. Sorry writing “comes about when the writer supposes that because of his belief, he is somehow dispensed from the obligation to penetrate concrete reality.”
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    CMR signs funk-rock, hip-hop band Shachah!

    This is probably old news, but CMR didn't send us a press release about it and we missed the news since it was the same time that Phil (who runs things at Rapzilla) went to Africa (on a missions trip) for 2 months.

    Before you read the news release, this band actually will just re-release the album through ...

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    Ras & Nuwine Radio Interview

    Are the Good News Bad Boys back at it again? Could be. 3 days ago, Nuwine/Wine-O and Lil Raskull/Ras were interviewed on Houston’s Praise 92.1 FM’s “Street Gospel” show with DJ Wiz and Crazy C/DJ Revelation. During the hour-long show, Ras and Wine reminisced about their early days of ministry and discussed the impact of Pimp C’s words on Nuwine’s ...