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    Jeremiah Bonds ‘American Idolatry’

    Download Link Tracklist: 1. Keep The Vision 2. In the Black (feat. Paradox) 3. Patience 4. While The Sky’s Blue 5. All Black (feat. Freddie Bruno) 6. 6,000 Miles Away 7. No Glory To Bonds 8. Blackout (feat. Sivion & Karruzza) 9. Emo 10. American Idol 11. Bout My Business (feat. AB-IV) 12. Lessons in Possessions 13. For The Kids ...
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    Jeremiah Bonds ‘American Idolatry’ Album Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

    You may have heard San Diego native Jeremiah Bonds on Syntax Records releases ‘Night Owls 3’, 4 and 5, and their ‘Wages of Syntax’ project. You may have picked up his last free album ‘Customer Development’. You can hear him on his song “Stop” our new ‘King Kulture’ compilation as well. His upcoming free album is titled ‘American Idolatry’ and ...